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I’m Loving McDonald’s

If there is one single restaurant that a lot of people knows, that will McDonalds. They have been on the food industry for many years now and they continue to provide more craving foods for their customers. As a matter of fact, they already made new menus that will allow health conscious people to still enjoy the food that they serve. McDonalds are serving a wide range of dishes for the customers ranging from mouth watering burgers and sandwiches, chicken, salads, snacks and sides, beverages, desserts and shakes and many more. They also offer a meal bundle for kids known as the Happy Meal. Today, McDonalds began to worry about the nutrition of their customers so they are now providing nutritious foods together with their traditional menu. In order to help the parents teach their children to eat healthy foods, McDonalds also joined the campaign and offered nutritious foods that will surely fit the taste of parents and kids.

McDonalds Printable Coupons McDonalds Printable Coupons

Mcdonalds BOGO Mcafe Coupon
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January-31-2013 )

Note : Just a reminder to be on the lookout for Mc Donalds Halloween treats coupon booklets.. Ask your local mcdonalds if they are selling them.

I just bought a couple books today at $1 each… and it includes 12 free items :
- 4 free apple slices + dip
- 4 free small ice cream cones
- 4 free apple juice or white milk chugs..etc.

PS: Great to slip into Trick-or-Treaters’ Candy bags.

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